Navigating Reddit

Reddit is a social networking site which allows its users to post anything, from clips and memes to news, photos or text on it. Within Reddit, there are categories known as Subreddits, in which all posts are related to a topic or theme. Though a less popular networking site, Reddit has a devoted following.

Reddit Aww: The world of the “aww”, a land of cat pictures and adorable puppies, draws viewers in with sad eyes and silly faces. Posts are focused on forcing their viewers to take a break from their day and appreciate the cuter things in life. Posts to the subreddit are of cute animals, which never fail to provide a smile. This subreddit is the perfect solution for a sad day or a scary movie, as the adorable animals who occupy the threads snap one out of an unpleasant mood and gives them a sunny disposition. The subreddit is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Reddit Funny: Brace for impact. The commenters on the subreddit can be harsh with their judgment. The funny subreddit provides polar opposite reactions from post to post. Riddled with reposts, or things that were posted more than one time, the subreddit can be a challenge to wade through however when combed through well enough, they can strike comedy gold. The subreddit is worth taking the time to put up with commentors and reposts when desperate for a laugh.

Robinson Reddit: A subreddit for Robinson has been created by someone at the school. The Robinson subreddit page contains memes of the goings on at the school. On the subreddit, anyone can post memes or ask for clarification on rumors they have heard around the halls.

Posts are not only created by students, but also by teachers who share their comments and frustrations in their own school lives. Due to anyone being able to post on the subreddit after creating an account, some of the posts are witty and funny while other posts simply take up space on the subreddit. However, this would be a great place to share what is going on in the halls.