Anonymous Student Cheating Tales

Sophomore Male: “I think cheating is a horrible thing to do, especially at Robinson where you have RAISE and after school. Yes, I have cheated in the past and I’m sure everyone has without a doubt. [I didn’t cheat] on a test or anything big. Don’t cheat! It doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Junior Female: “I think cheating is stupid, so I don’t cheat, but if other people cheat off me, I don’t care because it’s their own fault that they won’t get it later.”

Senior Male: “I think cheating is fine. If you’re smart enough to get away with cheating, you should be able to.”

Freshman Male: “In my opinion, cheating is wrong. I’ve cheated a couple times. I’ve never gotten caught. I got the answers right by cheating. Let this be a lesson, cheat off the smart kid next to you.”

Junior Male: “Cheating is bad, but everyone that’s anyone does it. I cheated on one English assignment. I got caught and got detention.”

Sophomore Female: “Cheating is wrong because if you don’t put the work into it, then why get a good grade that you don’t deserve. But, I have cheated on all different types of assignments. When the teacher isn’t looking, I just peek over”

Freshman Male: “My opinon about cheatnig is that when you are desperate you shuold do it sometimes. I have never been caught and I get a better grade ot of it.”

Junior Male: “Cheating is stupid. I have never cheated because it against my honor and nothing is worth my honor. It is important to be honorbale because your charater matters more than wht you get on a test.”

Senior Female: “I have cheated during my math IA. I found someone who posted their’s online, so I took pieces of it and passed it off as my own. They noticed that the techniques and errors was th same as other student’s so thats how we got found out. I feel bad about it becasue I lost trust. I will never cheat again.”