New football coach selection underway

Nick Runkel, Online Editor

Hiring a head coach for any sport can be a long, lengthy process but not many are as high profile as the hiring of a head football coach.

As the coaching search enters its second month the administration has collected applications from all interested parties and is now starting to schedule interviews with selected candidates, Director of Student Activities Jeff Ferrell said.

The new coach will be selected using a committee comprised of administration and a head coach from a different sport.  The committee does not have a specific timeline to complete its work; it could be a long process or a short one.

“They [the committee] has to make sure they find the right guy,” football assistant coach Scott Vossler said. “They are doing the best job they can.”

The committee is not looking for any specific skill set, just someone who is passionate and knows the game of football, Ferrell said.

Ferrell said, “We are looking for the best fit for our football program and someone who is excited about the Robinson athletic program.”