New student participates in an exclusive leadership conference

New to our school, Jeanette DeLuna moved to Northern Virginia from Charleston, South Carolina during the middle of this school year. She has been given the opportunity to attend an exclusive leadership conference held in Washington D.C., where she will be given the opportunity to meet a variety of political leaders.

“At the conference, I will get to meet modern leaders such as Condoleezza Rice, and possibly President Barrack Obama,” DeLuna said.

Along with meeting these well-known public figures, the conference offers many other great opportunities for its participants, DeLuna said.

“The conference is a great way to get to know a diverse and new group of people, as well as learn about our country’s politics,” DeLuna said.

At the conference you are given a roommate, who may be from any of the fifty states or from another country entirely. It is a fantastic way to meet fun new people who share the same interests as you, Deluna said.

This is not the first time DeLuna has attended an event similar to this one. When she was nine years old, she attended the exact same event.

“In order to be eligible to attend the events like the one I am going to, you have to be an alumni of the leadership seminar,” DeLuna said. “As an alumni you can choose to go to any of the conferences offered, which is convenient.”

In 2014, DeLuna hopes to attend the leadership conference that is being held in Paris.