Annual school singing event showcases student talent

On January 18 and 19, Robinson Chorus students came together, some for the first time and some for the last, to stage their annual Cabaret Night in the Gold Cafeteria.

For Seniors Renee Colligan and Neema Laheri, this was their last chance to perform for their classmates and the Robinson community.

“We can’t leave without doing this,” Laheri said.

Both seniors, who have been a part of the choral department for the last four years, had to audition for Director Mike Horanski after school in order to perform. The set list was released a week before Cabaret Night so participants had to be practiced and stage-ready for their performances. This, however, was only one part of their responsibilities for the student-run event.

In addition to their solo performances, most students sang in ensembles, accompanied other performers on instruments and helped with set-up and clean-up. 

Senior Helai Karim, who also performed, was co-student producer of the event for a third and final year. In addition to coordinating the student volunteers and managing the stage, she took on the role of mentor to junior Kayse McGough, who will take on Karim’s role next year.

Karim said, “The whole thing is student run, so it’s an opportunity to showcase not only musical talent but what we’re capable of with production as well.”