New Year’s Resolutions

Whenever the New Year comes around, many students make commitments, either on a personal or work level. New Year’s resolutions can come in all different forms, such as someone wanting to lose weight or wanting to change their habits. Many people tend to make smaller-scale resolutions so they will be able to accomplish them more easily.

One step in making a great New Year’s resolution is to make the goal specific as possible. Sophomore Dakotah Danied, whose New Year’s resolution is to “try to be nicer to people and to be more forgiving,” is an example of this. She said she was specific in how she wanted to accomplish her goal.

“I plan to be more cautious of what I say and consider what others feelings are,” Danied said.

Another step in making a resolution more achievable is to try to make it fun and rewarding.

“My New Year resolution is to get involved in more clubs,” freshman Madison Hughes said.

She said her resolution in joining a club can be fun and she will get a great reward out of it, especially with her goal.

“I wanted to meet more people with things I am interested in,” Hughes said.

She said she will be rewarded in getting a chance to meet more friends and being able to feel fully involved in the school community.

New Year’s resolutions do not always have to start Jan. 1; one can always create a goal they want to see accomplished. Many students feel the best thing about a resolution is there are no rules for it. Anyone can go by their own pace and their own way of achieving it.  A New Year’s resolution is a great way of keeping a healthy and promising track to start a new year off.