School Safety

Four might sound like a small number, but it is not. In 2012, four is the number of school shootings that happened. In many schools, security is increasing; Fairfax County Public Schools had extra security around the schools, mostly elementary schools, after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  Some students might not feel safe at school in light of recent events.

School is supposed to be a safe place to learn and spend the day. To make sure of this, school security is starting to enforce new rules. Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, some students do not feel safe at school, and fear for their siblings’ safety.

One enforced rule to guarantee this safety is most of the doors into the school are locked. In addition, the teachers’ doors are encouraged to be shut and locked during class.

 “We make sure that the [security] desk is always manned,” Security Assistant Rod Keefer said. “We don’t have enough people for what we would like to do, like have more people outside and in the halls.”

Freshman Carolina Gonzales does not feel safe at school and fears for her little brother’s safety at his elementary school.

“Sometimes I get nervous when going to school because of that sorta thing [shootings],” Gonzales said.  

She said she thinks the security could be more aware of things going on and should patrol the halls during classes.  But overall, she thinks they are doing a pretty good job.

However, sophomore Jasmine Loposky said she does feel safe at school because of the police officers and school security. 

“I feel like nothing bad will happen, and they [security] will handle it if something does happen,” Loposky said.

The school has had a lockdown drill to prepare if someone broke into the school.

“I thought that it was good that we had it because just in case we actually had an intruder come into the school, we would know what to do and not be panicky,” Loposky said.

Keefer said there has never been a big threat to the student safety. Once in a while, he will take a knife from a student, and once, he took a stun gun from a student.

“We are so good at what we do, that there has never been a big threat to the students,” Keefer                                         said.

With school shootings happening more frequently, it is important for schools to have security. Schools are now more prepared if something would ever happen.

Tips on how to stay safe in school:

  1. Never ever bring a weapon into school. You could easily get expelled. This would ruin your chance into getting into college.
  2. If you see something suspicious, report it. In this case, you want to be that kid.
  3. Think before you act and speak. Something ugly could happen if you don’t. Your safety and the other peoples could be in danger.
  4. Take threats to safety seriously. What would you do if it was your safety being threatened?