2013 Changes

Every student wants their school to be perfect, and they all have their own ideas for making their school better than the rest. Many school boards are discussing what should change for their school; with the change in principal next year, the school has the opportunity to make a variety of modifications.

“I would love smaller class sizes because the grading [right now] is hard and almost impossible to do in a seven hour teacher schedule, and it is harder to manage the students,” history teacher Lindsey Loudermilk said.

However, she said she felt the school has a positive environment.

“We are more of a family and a community [compared to other schools],” Loudermilk said.

She said each staff member and student has something loves something different about the school. However, some students find certain aspects of the school unappealing.

“[The worst thing here is] the early morning start because I like my sleep and I learn better when I wake up later,” freshman Jade Hawtlon-Durham said.

For some schools, like Stafford County schools, there is discussion on what should change for 2013 and decisions are being made to implement in their schools. Many students seem to want to have more study time.

“I would put RAISE every day so I can get my homework done,” Hawtlon-Durham said. “And when you’re at school, you are in the zone of working and doing your best.”

“I would give teachers raises,” principal Dan Meier said. “Have all half days the first week and we don’t have to make up snow days at the end of the year because it’s not our fault that it snows.”

Many students look forward to next year because they want to know what changes will occur, though some do not.

“I like Mr. Meier; he talks to everyone and seems to know everyone’s names, and he gives out free stuff,” freshman Sam Actermann said.

Some question changes.

“I don’t like change,” softball coach Mitch Hughes said. “I think Robinson is going in the right direction so why change anything?”

Changes can be rough and difficult to adjust to, but over time, they will become natural and soon they will seem like a natural part of school life. Changes are good for everyone even if it does not seem like it at first.