Toy(s for Tots) Story

Some children live in a society without their families. Others live with their families but have nowhere to live, eat or enjoy the holiday season.

  The PTSA is helping out these children by having a “Toys for Tots” drive. This contribution is for the families in the local area placing donation requests through the Marine Toys for Tots program.

“Toys for Tots a fantastic charity run by the US Marines that want to help ensure that every child has a present of their own under the tree this holiday season,” junior Ben Familiant said.

The donations go straight to a collection hub for the Toys for Tots organization where toys are checked to ensure they are in good condition, and then wrapped and sent out to families in need.

The PTSA knew the various organizations were holding similar events for the children in need. To make it simple for our community who wanted to donate for the less fortunate, they decided to hold one for our school.           

Many toys have been collected in the main office and in the subschools.  Students have been contributing to help these children and make them feel remembered in the community.

“It makes me feel that I have contributed something to help these families and children to make their holiday better while they are experiencing a difficult time in their lives,” PTSA member Hannie Gonzalez said.

Familiant said, thanks to the PTSA, the “Toys for Tots” drive has been a success.

“This project has been quite a bit more time consuming than I originally anticipated, but it is for a fantastic cause and it has been very fulfilling to help to make a positive impact on the Robinson community,” Familiant said.

The toys donated were more than enough for the needy families, thanks to the students and faculty. The PTSA is currently analyzing all aspects of its program to see where it could improve to hopefully improve its performance next school year.

Rachel Varias said, “It was nice to see the box full with toys and that the kids will have a great Christmas.”