The Final Step: Alumni Return to Claim IB Diplomas

Dec. 20, 2012, former students who earned their International Baccalaureate diplomas received them at the IB Diploma Ceremony in Russell Theater. Wendy Vu, IB coordinator and IB English teacher, said they earned this diploma by completing six exams for six subjects, an internal and external assessment for each subject and receiving at least 24 points in all.

“The diploma ceremony is recognition for the kids who got their diploma and for the kids who tried because they worked hard to,” Vu said.

“I worked really hard for the diploma and I’m excited to see everyone again,” alumnae Ashley Hunt said.

Hunt is one of 92 graduated students who came back and received the IB diploma they earned from last year. Since the certificates did not arrive until August and the students were in college, they had to wait until winter break to present the diplomas. Hunt said this process took a lot of hard work and dedication.

“I think it is [worth it],” Hunt said. “We did mostly writing in my IB classes and that’s what I do in college. So it helped me prepare for it.”

She is now attending Elon University in North Carolina. Thomas Dalhauser is attending Virginia Tech and also returned for the diploma he worked to receive.

“It’s a lot of hard work, but durable,” Dalhauser said. “You’ll make it.”

Getting an IB diploma and the classes can be difficult for some students.

 “[Some good qualities to have] include being motivated,” Hunt said. “One shouldn’t sit around. Also, be driven and a hard worker. [Lastly,] manage stress.”

She and Vu share the same ideas about being motivated can help be successful in the IB diploma.

“I tell my students that when you walk through the door with ‘I want to learn’ in your mind, then I can bring you up a level [in academics],” Vu said. “[But] if you come through with ‘I don’t want to do this,’ then you won’t succeed. A student has to be motivated to learn.”

Taking IB can help a student be prepared for the future and challenge themselves to their limits. Getting the diploma can bolster a student’s resume and could get them accepted into the college of their dreams. Later, the diploma could play a role in earning them the job they have always wanted. A student can benefit from the IB program and striving for the IB Diploma.

“Concentration, responsibility and motivation,” junior A.J. Martin said, who plans on pursuing an IB diploma next year. “Those things [has] helped me get better [at IB work and activities].”