Partner’s Club Winter Dance Delayed

The annual Partner’s Club Winter Dance, originally scheduled for December, had to be pushed back until January.

Members of this club meet up every month to simply hang out and have fun together through fun activities, such as dances. The club has reached its twelfth year since its conception. Each meeting has its events planned out for participants.

“It’s a fun, safe environment for everyone,” Partner’s Club sponsor Megan Gaeta said.

December was supposed to be the month of the club’s winter dance, with it being held the Friday before winter break. However, it had to be postponed, since Partner’s Club leaders figured most students would not attend due to the holidays. The dance will now be held in January when everyone is back from break.

Each dance usually has the same schedule as to how it is prepared. Senior Jessie Bond explained members arrive at the location of the dance (which changes) around 5-5:30 p.m. They then use decorations the club owns to set up. They always have lights which they string along the ceiling, snacks and drinks members will bring and some source of music to dance to. Then, around 7 p.m., the dancing begins.

“It’s fun around the holidays because then you get to wear festive clothes,” senior Mary Meier said.

Though Partner’s Club was not able to meet up in December due to craziness of being busy and the holidays, they are looking forward to the upcoming month.