‘French Winter Concert’ Spread Spirit

The “French Winter Concert” was a performance not worth missing. Dec.13, the French Department had its annual winter concert in Recital Hall.

Every year, the French students perform a number of Christmas songs translated in French, such as “Little Santa Claus” and Jingle Bells.” The concert is made up of French students from level one through IB, who volunteer their time to put together the winter concert.

“A sign-up sheet goes around to all French classes for students to write down their name and whatever instrument they play,” said Pamela Dister, French teacher and former music teacher.

Their rehearsal times, which were during RAISE, were different for each instrument. Orchestra received two rehearsal times and guitarist and singers had only one rehearsal day. Besides the rehearsal times, “we sing some of the songs during class together,” Dister said.

Freshman French student Margaret Hanoven said, “having two rehearsals was not difficult because we had tapes on Blackboard.”

Dister said these tapes were put on Blackboard to help the singers practice even more at home.

“The first time it was a bit difficult, but once you knew the songs, it wasn’t,” Freshman French student Sabrina Moore said.

At the beginning of the concert, Dister gave the history of how Christmas and Hanukkah started and, before each song started, she gave a brief summary of what the song meant in the English translation. Each song gave each instrumental group a chance to shine. For their last song, “Vive le vent,” or “Jingle Bell,” they encouraged the audience to sing along, using the lyrics on their program sheets. The last song was such a hit, the audience shouted for an encore. To end the concert, refreshments and French goodies were provided.

“One of the reasons we do it is because the students can see French can be used outside of the classroom and to make French more fun,” Dister said. “The concert is open to all of the Robinson community.”

The time of the performances were coordinated with late buses’ schedules.

Moore said, “People should have come to see the concert, because it was loads of fun.”