Administrators Enlighten Parents Through Freshman Parent Night

Going into high school can be hard for everybody, even for parents who have already completed high school.  Freshman Parent Night gives freshman parents a chance to learn what their child can use a counselor for in school, what a transcript is and also what the students learned about time management from the counselors Dec. 4 and Dec. 5. 

“[The purpose of this event is] to inform the ninth grade parents of the material covered during the ninth grade lessons that took place on Tuesday, December 4 and Wednesday, December 5,” counselor Eugena Smith said. 

On those days, students learned about time management and how to get organized with their school work.  One way students learned to get organized was to prioritize projects and homework by what needs to be completed first.

“She manages to get most of it [homework and projects] done after school, but she is pretty diligent of working weekends if she has to,” freshman parent Luanne O’Loughlin said about her daughter. 

This was the first year the Freshman Parent Night was held.  During a meeting involving students, parents and faculty members, a parent of a current junior asked, “Why do we wait until the junior year to tell the parents this information?”  The Student Services decided to add the Freshman Parent Night so new high school parents will learn the ninth grade curriculum and how the counselors can be helpful during each student’s four years in high school. 

“My goal is to make sure that the parents understand the ninth grade requirements and curriculum and the role of the counselor,” counselor Desiree Cave said.  “[Also] all of the various programs Robinson offers to meet graduation on time.”           

Cave talked to the parents about the role of being a school counselor.  She told parents the counselors are there to help the students to get through their four years of high school. 

“We advocate for your students, we encourage your students to participate in various student activities so that they can build relationships with their peers and explore other interests,” Cave said to the audience of parents. 

Smith and Donna Piscitelli, Director of Students Services, demonstrated to the parents how to access Family Connection on Blackboard.  In addition, Smith and Piscitelli showed parents how to use parent view and look at what their kids have done on Family Connection.

“I appreciate the information on parent view and getting to see the personality assessment [of my child],” parent Steve Martinez said.  “That was worthwhile.”

At the end of the event, parents asked many questions about the difference between honors classes as well as Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate classes.  Many parents did not know that AP and IB classes will add a 1.0 to the students Grade Point Average at the end of the year, compared to honors classes, which only add 0.5 to the GPA.

The event ended with Piscitelli thanking the parents for coming and parents dispersing in groups talking about the event.  Once again, the parents’ journey through the long four years in high school is just beginning.