Letter to the Editor from the Muslim Student Association

Dear Editor,

We understand your commitment to accuracy, and therefore would like to address some significant concerns regarding the “MSA fights for Friday prayers in school” news brief that appeared in the last edition of the Valor Dictus.

As you may know, Jum’aa is an important prayer and praying five times per day is one of the five pillars of Islam. Since school ends after many Muslim students are supposed to be at prayer, we have worked with the Robinson Administration to find a space for students to pray. As a result, MSA has been holding Friday prayers for students at school.

For logistical reasons, we briefly considered making it into a separate student activity and circulated the standard paperwork required by the student activities office, but ultimately decided it was in our interest to keep the prayers connected with MSA. At no point was MSA circulating a petition to the administration or fighting on this issue.

That’s why we especially disagree with the article’s contentious tone that implies a conflict that does not exist with the administration.  In fact, we would prefer to highlight Robinson’s commitment to diversity in showing how responsive and accepting the administration has been throughout the process.


Ms. Hawa Dirie, MSA President

Ms. Abrar Omeish, MSA Member

Mr. John Sherry, MSA Faculty Sponsor and Social Studies Teacher