Firearm Found at Robinson


A weapon was found yesterday in a locker at Robinson. The weapon was found after a student reported to the administration that there was a possible weapon on campus.

The school administration immediately began investigating the student’s claim and found that in fact there was a firearm on campus. The school administration then reported the incident to the school resource officers, Associate Principal Michael Mukai said.

The police proceeded to take possession of the firearm and the administration took action in regards to the student.

“In the SRR [Student Rights and Responsibilities] statutory weapons, such as guns or knives of a certain length, are offenses that require a mandatory recommendation for expulsion,” Mukai said.

Students were informed of this incident early this morning through a taped message from Principal Dan Meier. Parents were informed last night via email and so far there has not been a lot of parental feedback Mukai said.

“I am a strong supporter of gun rights but the school is no place for a firearm, it questions the security of the school, the teacher, and our peers,” senior Casey Morris said.

School officials have said that there was no specific danger to any students or staff.

“There was no threat to anyone, no target, no specific plan,” Mukai said.

Students feel that the school handled the situation as well as they possibly could have.

“I think it is sad someone resorted to [bringing a firearm] but I am glad the students and the administration handled it in the way they did,” freshman Alex Paget said.

Mukai believes that Robinson is still one of the best and safest schools around and he plans on having his kids attend Robinson.

“One of the great parts about Robinson is that the kids have the courage to act before heroic deeds are necessary,” Mukai said.

The school community looks to move past this incident but will remember what happened yesterday and how the school was kept safe.

Mukai said, “At Robinson we are a family and when we see something that is wrong we say; ‘hey we don’t think this is right’ and then we do something about it.”


*This story is developing, as more details emerge this article will be updated.*