Robinson’s Student Photographers


Rowanne Dean: Senior Rowanne Dean started taking pictures when her grandmother gave her an old film camera in elementary school. Photography is something that she doesn in her spare time

“I do not think I really knew how to use it properly at the time but I loved using it to take photos of my pets or family.” Dean said.

Dean’s favorite thing about photography is taking risks with different styles. The range of styles in photography is big. They go from portraits to lanscape shots to more abstract shots and as well as artistic photos.

Dean hopes to be doing photography for the rest of her life, even if it is only as a hobby. 

Sarah Irving: When junior Sarah Irving was thirteen she got her first digital camera for Christmas and carried it everywhere. Irving did not start serious photography projects until she was a freshman, when she was inspired her to dig deeper into photography.

“I have always been obsessed with documentation, I kept diaries and lists for years.” Irving said, “Photography was just another way to document my life and the lives of people around me.”

Irving believes humans are complex and fascinating. Emotional moments are one of her favorite moments to capture because you have gained a greater perspective of the human condition.

Photos help to capture memories and when looking back at pictures the memories come flooding back, Irving said.

Bobby DeCanio: Senior Bobby Decanio took an interest in photography when his friend asked him to take pictures in Clifton with her. Decanio’s friend used some pictures he took in her art show that year. Decanio was not allowed to have his own booth as he was not an art student.   “The pictures I took turned out better than I had expected and that is when I realized I enjoyed photography,” Decanio said. 

 He wants to move to New York or Los Angeles and intern for a fashion photographer. While interning he wants to try and become a model through connections he will make during his internship. Decanio’s favorite thing to photograph is people since you can capture a moment and the pictures capture the emotion of the person.

Dakota Craig: Junior Dakota Craig today is well known for his photos of the student body and sports teams. Craig grew up listening to his dad talk about the days when he his grandfather would take pictures for the redskins and for NASA as well. 

Craig photographs most school sponsored events in addition to doing photo shoots with students around school. He plans on perusing a career in photography later and attending a college for the arts.

“It sounds a little cliché but being able to capture a moment exactly as it is, is what I enjoy the most about photography,” Craig said, “A memory is something that is priceless.”