Yearly Marketplace Arrives At School Once Again

Saturday, Nov. 10, the PTSA held their second annual Robinson Marketplace event. Eighty vendors and booths were set up down the main hallway selling hundreds of different items for holiday gifts.

Some vendors included at the event were Robinson Booster Clubs, Children’s items, Toys for Tots, clothing, book sales and other vendors including fashion accessories.  The Marketplace took place between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.  After 11 a.m., the main hallway was constantly packed.

Consumers got the opportunity to shop from a unique variety of Hand Crafters, Home Based and Small boutique businesses.

Proceeds from the Marketplace supported the current and future PTSA student and faculty programs.

The show also included a raffle and silent auction where the shoppers got a chance to put their name in for a chance to win different items.

School-run programs such as SGA hosted the Toys for Tots booth at the event, a program which donates toys to children.

“I thought the Toys for Tots booth at the Marketplace went really well,” junior Caroline Snare said. “I’m really glad there is another booth for it this year. It really means a lot of the kids who receive the toys.”

The PTSA profits for the 2012 Robinson Marketplace were just under $9 thousand and are being used to purchase supplies for the school. 

“We were all pleased with this year’s Marketplace because everything ran so smoothly thanks to our volunteers,” said PTSA member Ingrid Calarco.      “We also had more vendors than last year. In fact 86 showed up and we were full.”