MSA Fights for Friday Prayers in School

The schools Muslim students gather together on Friday afternoons to participate in the weekly Friday prayer more commonly known as Jumaa Namaaz. Interest in the activity has steadily increased in the past few months. The Muslim Student Association recognized this and created a petition to have it become a legitimized afterschool activity.

The idea to create a petition that would be presented to the after school activities advisor, Jeff Ferrel, to provide a consistent space and time when the prayer would be held afterschool. The MSA believes that holding the prayer at school would provide a chance for students to observe it as a community.

Since the prayer is usually held in local mosques during school hours, most students are unable to attend the prayers with their families. Occasionally, the MSA has speakers come in a person come in from a local mosque and lead the prayer. If not, a senior usually will lead the prayer.

The MSA students are eager to have the prayer become a legitimized after school activity because it will  provide another outlet for the schools Muslim students to interact.