Band Achieves Superior Rating in October Competition

The marching band finished off their season by being a recipient of a superior rating, the highest rating a band can receive for a performance, at their recent competition on October 27th. 

Band director Andrew Loft said, “This is my first year as band director and I was thrilled that all the hard work the marching band did paid off by getting the highest rating.”

By rehearsing all day during band week, which is a week during the summer where the marchers practice all day,  and three hours during normal practices, the amount of work the marching band put into practicing was a reason for their achievement.

“Marching band is a fun activity that I really enjoy because it’s a great opportunity to hang out with friends and experience learning new skills,” Junior Josh Schwark said, “I feel great about getting the superior rating because this rating is part of the requirement to get the Virginia Honor Band Award for the year, which we got. It feels great to have all your work comes together after spending all the long hours in the heat”

Loft said, “It was a great time directing such a delightful band.”