Hanging Out: Five Interesting Spots You Never Knew Existed

9:30 Club: The 930 Club is an ideal place for those who are enthusiastic about concerts and discovering new artists. A multitude of artists have stepped foot in the club such as punk rock band All Time Low, to current Rap/Hip-Hop icon, Drake.

The club provides a secure environment with heavy security specially placed when audiences of 18 and younger are present. The ownders of the club  encourage local DJs and rising artists to perform shows at the venue as well.

It’s also located in an urban area of D.C.There’s a shopping center with stores like Urban Outfitters, ASOS and Forever 21.
When planning to visit try taking the metro downtown rather than going by car because it is difficult to find parking and payiing the meters is always a hassle.

If hearing the new and undiscovered music interests you, 930 club is a great destination to visit.

Roller Rink: You might not have stepped onto a roller rink floor since you were five years old, and even then you may have hated spending half the night falling on your butt, however, no one can doubt a lot has changed between then and now.

Kick off the sneakers, slip on some vintage roller skates and boogie-woogie to your heart’s content. Skate-N-Fun-Zone is a great place to hang out with friends.

Whether you’re staying for an hour or a whole evening, dancing around and listening to the DJ play popular songs and a few old classics is just as much fun as it was when you were a kid.

Choose to hang by the edge so you don’t fall over or venture out to the middle of the floor, for those more coordinated, everyone is sure to have an experience to remember dancing to fun songs like the Macarena or slower songs for the couple’s tracks. The DJ and lights keep ensure everything stays lively. 

In addition to skating, guests can take a break from skating to get food or play classic arcade games. Roller skating is a great way to get exercise and spend time with friends.

Work House: The Workhouse Arts Center is a little known novelty in the area. Located in Lorton, VA and formally a prison, it has been transformed into an activities building open to the public.

Workhouse offers visitors numerous classes including those on ceramics, watercolor, cooking, dancing and other artistic ventures.

Also, a variety of odd concerts take place in the courtyard out front. While none are from bands teens will know, this doesn’t mean they won’t make for an enjoyable time sitting outside listening to music and relaxing with friends.

The traditional audience for any activity at the Work House may typically be much older people but mainly because teens aren’t as well aware this old building holds such fascinating pastimes. 

Research beforehand and go with a group of friends. The artistic experience is sure to impress.

Spy Museum: Students typically hear the word museum and tune out. Continue on to say the Spy Museum and the interest spikes just slightly. Try going at night, and people will regret second-guessing the decision to go.

“Spy at Night” is an exclusive evening event every second Friday of the month at the Spy Museum allowing visitors to enter Operation Spy, an experience causing participants to go more realistically in-depth into the exciting world of espionage.

Though the he audience is typically adults though it is open to everyone. Each event at the Spy Museum has a different theme whether it be learning Ninja moves or meeting a real spy.

In addition, the Spy Museum offers the unique opportunity for visitors to experience “Spy in the City.” Participants in this program are given a GPS and sent into the streets of DC for a grown-up version of a scavenger hunt.

Though some might yawn at the thought of spending a day in a museum, the Spy Museum changes their perspectives.

The next event is Jan. 11, 2012 so check out the above venues before visiting this one.

Rebounderz: A room of trampolines – including the walls. What could be more fun? Rebounderz is a great place to get all of your energy out, and unleash energy you didn’t know you had!

Be sure to dress comfortably, and very lightly. It’s quite a workout! After about 30 minutes, it can get pretty tiring. For a first timer, or someone out of shape, the 30 minute option is probably the best.

Also, shoes aren’t permitted, so be sure to wear socks. Rebounderz is a fun place to hang out with friends, but probably isn’t a first date hang out.

Additionally, the people you go with should be around the same athletic level as you, in terms of endurance.

Even so, you leave feeling gross but great!.Though you won’t walk out feeling attractive, it’s definitely an original place to hang.