Teacher Evaluations Go Through Change

A new program that requires teachers to go through an evaluations process has been put into place by the Virginia Board of Education in late July.  While teachers have been evaluated in the past, a new data component has been put into place so that administrators have a better idea of how classes and teachers are doing.

“The primary reason behind the new process was the no child left behind policy, and Virginia wanted to be exempt from that rule,” Sub school 11 Principal Marty Riddle said.

Teachers are receiving a new set of requirements involving statistical analysis along with the old format.  The difference is that this is a yearly occurrence and gives a cumulative representation of their performance and that of their students, similar to a portfolio.

Riddle said the main problem at the moment with the new program was with timing.

“When you put a program in place in July, there’s not much time to get everything up and running,” Riddle said.

This is a requirement for every school in the State of Virginia to use.

Riddle said, “As teachers, you look at what’s best for students. As Administrators, we’re looking for what’s best for the teachers.”