Student Section Control

It’s no secret the student section at football games has plenty of school spirit this year. While the administration believes this is a positive, it has added more pressure to their jobs as it becomes more difficult to restrain students behavior, such as students who have been throwing water, paint and glue.

“I am tickled to death by the school spirit the students have,” Principal Dan Meier said.

Rumors that a camera has been put in the press box to film students during games are false.  The only camera currently in the press box is the one which films the game.

“I think the rumor is making students behave more but at the same time if you were to ask me about it I will not lie to you,” Meier said.

However, subschool 11 principal Marty Riddle does stand watch in the press box to make sure students are behaving themselves. If the administration staff sees something they deem inappropriate behavior the student may be kicked out of the game. 

“The one big issue at the games is related to alcohol. If students are caught under the influence the ramifications are strong,” subschool 12 Principal Scott Turner said.

The FCPS policy on alcohol at any school sponsored event is a five day suspension as well as a five day alcoholic seminar. Turner said any student suspected to be under the influence will be breathalized. If these suspicions prove true, the student will not only be removed from the event but also from events throughout the entire school year and for seniors this may include prom.

Though alcohol and drinking  is not new to any high school football game, the tough crackdown on it is. The same rules apply for away games, with the intention that the students will represent the school well.