New Charter School, Possibly to Fairfax

In late May of 2012, the Fairfax Leadership Academy submitted an application to establish the  FCPS charter school.

The proposal included opening a new charter school with an estimated amount of 450 students which would serve students who are “academically at-risk,” or in danger of not attending college. The school would prepare and motivate these students for life after high school and turn their direction towards college. Fairfax Leadership Academy said the school would be set to open in Fall 2013 at the now closed Graham Road Elementary and would focus on low and moderate income neighborhoods. Unlike most FCPS programs, the new charter school, would provide year round education.

Principal Dan Meier said he believed there is not a huge need to focus on the charter school, but acknowledged that we should be mindful of other ideas.

“We will not meet the needs of every student.” Meier said.  “My job is to make [the school] wonderful so no one should go anywhere else.”

The School Board voted yesterday on whether to approve Fairfax Leadership Academy’s request for the establishment of a charter school. For more information, visit or the FCPS website.