The Valor Dictus Podcast, Episode Eleven: An Analysis of Election 2012 Debates, Past and Future

Host Thomas Friestad is joined by government teacher William Crawford to retrospectively analyze last week’s Presidential Debate, examine its impact on the upcoming election, and speculate on the outcome of tomorrow’s Vice Presidential Debate.

In this episode, we discuss:

–What were the clearest strengths and weaknesses of President Obama and Governor Romney at last week’s debate?

–Will last week’s debate outcome ultimately impact who America elects as their future leader?

–Is it a smart debate strategy to use ‘zingers’ and catchy statements (such as Romney’s about Big Bird) to grab the viewers’ attention?

–How high are the stakes of tomorrow’s Vice Presidential Debate between Joe Biden and Paul Ryan, compared the Presidential Debates?

It’s an Electioncast neither Obama nor Romney would talk over…it’s the Valor Dictus Podcast!