New ‘Hurry Up’ Offense for the Football Team

Hiba Ahmed, Business Editor

The traditional scene on a Friday night in Coffey Stadium is that of multiple football players huddling up on the field to quickly run over plays.

However this year, the crowd will hear more yelling and see fewer huddles due to the new “no huddle policy” introduced this season by the varsity football coach, Trey Taylor.

The policy was created to help increase the efficiency of plays and give the team a greater hand at controlling the tempo of the game. The players are expected to memorize all plays and their names in order to maintain a strong tempo during the game.

“The issue we were facing was that defense stacked the box. With this new technique, the players are able to spread out faster across the field. The faster the kids are, the higher the productivity of the game,” Taylor said.

So far in the season, the team has responded positively to the new policy. If the productivity of the games continue the policy will most likely be used in the following season.