Will you go to prom with me?

As prom drew near seniors looked for creative ways to ask their desired dates to attend the event with them.

“As a principal, I look for opportunities to get involved with kids,” Principal Dan Meier said.

When asking girls to prom, Meier said guys always feel the need to ask the girl in a unique way. He finds it interesting what ideas students think up, though sometimes he says it gets too extreme for his taste. He likes kids to have fun and helps to support the social aspects of high school when he can.

Before Meier approves the students’ ideas he makes sure the girl will even say yes to her prospective date, so the boy won’t be embarrassed publically if she says no.

Senior Joe Meier asked senior Rachel Blaz to prom by customizing M&M’s. He prepared a lobster and steak dinner for her then brought out a bag of M&M’s for dessert which were customized with the letters PROM written on them.

“I was really surprised and impressed that he put a lot of effort and time on this,” Blaz said.

Meier allows one student each year to use the PA announcement to ask, and whoever requests it first gets to do so.

As the years go by, students must try harder to impress their girls using increasingly unique ways.

Though not as common, girls sometimes ask the gys.

Senior Lizzie Hodgen asked junior Ivonte Milligan to prom by placing an order of 20 hot wings, arranging them to say PROM, and then surprising him in one of the drama dressing rooms.

“At first he didn’t know what was going on until his friends told him to look at the plate, but overall he thought it was funny and was really excited,” Hodgden said.

Senior Harrison Hwu hid in the back room of his girlfriend, junior Maritza Villaroel’s, biology class and got sophomores Grace Diamond and Caroline Snare as well as the band to help him. Diamond put a tiara on Villaroel, and then Snare gave her a box of chocolates and flowers.  While this was all happening, the band played the song “Touch the Sky” by Kanye West in the background. He then came out of the back room and asked her.

“She was very surprised and happy,” Hwu said.

Students ask prospective dates to prom in a variety of ways though, whether big or small, the person they ask appreciates their effort to make it special.