Student Athletes’ Olympic Counterparts

Olympian: Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, a symbol of American pride, and the swimmer who bought us back six gold and two bronze from the 2004 Olympics in Athens and eight gold medals from the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This summer he will return to the pool to swim for the US team once more, though only enlisted to swim in seven races this time. He vowed after the last Olympics he would never again do eight events and also that this year would be his last. Whether a fan or not, his skill is sure to represent our country well.

Student Counterpart: Senior swimmer Rachel Canty

Diving into the future senior Rachel Canty is hoping to continue her passion for swimming for the UNC swim team. Canty has been swimming since she was nine years old and swimming for Robinson since ninth grade. She was able to make the junior and senior nationals. She will continue swimming this summer for the long course. Canty said, “I am very committed to continue swimming later on in the future.”

Olympian: Milena Rasic

Serbia’s women’s volleyball team makes its second consecutive Olympic appearance in London. Milena Rasic who is from Serbia and is a middle-blocker in the volleyball team is one of the top players on the team and won a bronze metal at the 2011 World Grand Prix after defeating Russia. Rasic is a great middle-blocker for the team and has taken the team to a higher level in the Olympics and this year the Serbian team will be attending the London Olympics, where she will be competing with her team for hopefully another bronze.

Student Counterpart: Sophomore volleyball player Idil Yonis

Sophomore Idil Yonis, is a varsity volleyball player. She started playing volleyball after attending a half day, week long summer camp before entering eighth grade. After eighth grade she tried out and made a local BRYC travel team. “I like this sport because it is a really fun and enjoyable sport where you can also make new friends and it is comeptive, and requires a lot of athleticism,” Yonis said. Yonis is an outside hitter which is the left side hitter in front row by the net, she is also a defense specialist when in back row.  Each year the team has great potential and she has a good attitude which really plays off for the team.

Olympian: Nastia Liukin

Flying through the air, Nastia Liukin is going to the Olympics for the second time, hoping to bring home the gold for team USA in gymnastics this year. Her first Olympics was 2008 in Beijing, picking up the gold for all around highest final score, a silver in uneven bars and a bronze in floor exercise. After a retirement three year retirement starting in 2009, Liukin decided to make a return to the sport she loved.  She qualified for the London Olympics, hoping to place in her favorite aspects of the competition, the uneven bars and balance beam. With a successful past at the Olympics, it can be sure that Liukin will give it her all this year at London 2012.  

Student Counterpart: Sophomore gymnast Sarah Gross

For more than 13 years, Sophomore Sarah Gross has been pursuing her passion of gymnastics. Competing for both club gymnastics and the Robinson team, she’s been kept very busy by the sport she loves. From an early age, her mom saw the potential in her as a gymnast.  “[Gymnastics] is challenging. You have to get over your fears really fast.” Gross said she loves the Olympics, and watches every year. “Nastia Liukin is my favorite gymnast, and floor is my favorite event to watch and compete in.” While she wants to continue to compete for Robinson throughout high school, she is uncertain about continuing in college. But she is certain that her love of gymnastics will never go away.

Olympian: Alex Morgan

As a forward for the U.S. Woman’s Soccer team 22 year old Alex Morgan has notched 24 goals since 2010. She is an integral part of the U.S.’s attack and since she joined the team she has helped the team to a World Cup runner-up, an Algarve Cup championship and a Four Nations Cup championship. Morgan plays club soccer for the Western New York Flash, who drafted her first overall in 2011 Woman’s Professional Soccer entry draft. In her rookie year Morgan helped the Flash to a WPS league championship. Morgan is expected to be one of the leading goal scorers for the U.S Woman’s team in the 2012 Summer Olympics which are being held in London.

Student Counterpart: Junior soccer player Savannah Miller

Miller has been a varsity soccer player for three years, for her former school and for our school. Over those three years Miller has been second team all-district twice, first team all-district once, and first team all-region once.  At her former school, Miller was captain both of the years she was there.  In her three years she has scored 57 goals at the varsity level.Miller is looking forward to watching the Woman’s Olympic soccer tournament this summer. Miller said, “I will watch the Olympics because it will be extremely competitive and it will be almost as exciting as the World Cup.”