University Mall to make renovations

University Mall’s remodeling has been long awaited by its many patrons, and the sign telling of University Mall’s upgrades has been up for over a year, reading “Coming soon!” The new University Mall is supposed to be much larger, and more extravagant. The floor plans show that the Giant grocery store in the center will be nearly doubled in size, with the addition of many new shops and restaurants in University Mall. The remodel is scheduled to be finished by summer of 2013. This is an exciting prospect to many students at our school, because University Mall is such a popular hangout  for students after school and on the weekends.

“I’m really excited to see how the remodeling turns out,” junior Annie Stringer said, “University Mall is where a lot of high school kids hang out, because there is a McDonald’s, Saxbys, and a Josie’s there, so once it’s remodeled, it will be even better.”

While University Mall is already a common destination for after-school hangouts, it may become more than that. With the additions of the new restaurants, it could become a venue for date nights and family dinners as well.

“Usually for stuff like group dinners or birthday celebrations, people will go to places like Fairfax Corner, which is a much further drive than University mall,” Stringer said, “Maybe with these upgrades, University Mall could be a closer destination than Fairfax Corner.”

Though its upgrades will not become a reality until 2013, University Mall is anticipated to be an exciting improvement for those who frequent its shops.