Seniors should set an example for freshmen

In a school of almost four thousand, it is easy to be strangers with another student in your own grade. It is even easier to be friends with someone a grade above or below while being completely unaware.

Students can be split into two groups, the upperclassmen and the underclassmen. The upperclassmen consist of juniors and seniors who typically have more high school experience than their younger peers. This experience can be incredibly useful to their younger peers if only they share it.

Seniors and juniors are almost always viewed as the higher social class in almost every school around the world. The experiences the upperclassmen accumulate over the course of three or four years of high school could be  better for any underclassmen than the advice of a counselor.

While the approach of “sink or swim” is commonly used when referring to high school, it is not appropriate for today’s more globalized world. There is more competition in grades, sports and college admissions than ever before. In order to take on the world confidently, students need as much advice as they can get, however they can get it. This is where the upperclassmen come in.