Mrs. Buschman, Mr. Norland give senior advice

Carol Buschman, subschool 12 secretary – “To the Class of 2012: I can remember when you started your freshman year in 2008. I would never have imagined this class having to adjust to three different principals, and several of you have had a different counselor each year. Fortunately for me, I was here for your entire four years. I can still see your curious, adventurous, and in some cases, frightened faces as you began your freshman year. It has been my pleasure to see each of you grow and mature over the last four years. I have experienced many wonderful conversations with you, laughter, sadness, accomplishments, disappointments and much joy.

During the last four years, you have matured into young adults. You have grown not only in stature but also in maturity and changes in your personality. I have had the pleasure of attending so many individual and group events in which you have been involved. You have brought me much joy in your activities as you participated in homecoming, spirit week, Taste of Robinson, sports, drama, music, DECA, honoring the troops, morning announcements, art show, science fair and many functions that I have enjoyed celebrating with you. You have displayed a great deal of talent and leadership in this class. My office is usually filled with many of you each day as you stop by to say “good morning,” (some for candy), several eating lunch, socializing, studying or just stopping by to chat. You have tolerated my strict rules in using correct grammar and not using inappropriate language.

Hopefully, you have learned from me that cursing and foul language is unnecessary and talking like ladies and gentlemen is more becoming to you. I thank you for your respect when I corrected you. I was touched this year when you honored me on Secretary’s Day with the shirts so many of your wore saying “I love Carol Buschman” on the front and “1 secretary 2 remember” on the back. In all my years of working here, I have never been so honored. I do hope you will remember me in a positive way and hopefully I have made you feel valued, loved and a class of individuals I will always remember. As you graduate and start your new life beyond high school, my prayer for you is:

  • Always love the Lord with all your heart and soul;
  • Be respectful of others–Treat others as you would have them treat you; (Matthew 7:12)
  • Do your best at whatever you attempt and always remain honest;
  • Remember to keep in touch with your parents who are your biggest fans.
  • You have become like family to me and I hope you will stay in touch so I can share in your future accomplishments as well. I can definitely say I will truly miss the Class of 2012 and I wish you God’s blessings in all you attempt.

Love and best wishes,

Carol Buschman.”

Eric Norland, subschool 12 principal – “There is a summer camp in western Michigan where I often find myself in dreams. It is a place where so many powerful memories live. It is a place where my heart resides. It is a place that has irrevocably changed the arc of my life. It is my “Great Good Place.” Henry James’ short story, The Great Good Place, describes a retreat from the overwhelming burdens of a busy life, a place of rest that is perhaps visited only in the mind. Some people may find only one, or even none, in a lifetime. Many of you will come to recognize Robinson, or an athletic field, a group of friends, a club or a classroom within Robinson as your Great Good Place. A Great Good Place is extremely rare, and usually requires the force of youth and of years to take up residency in the heart.

For me, Robinson is becoming a Great Good Place in just two short years. I have experienced many things at Robinson that have contributed toward this, and many of you will recognize these in your own experiences here. Robinson is a place where I have felt respected, appreciated, and challenged. Robinson is a place that has allowed me to make a contribution. Robinson is a place where I have been allowed to observe, appreciate, and share in the accomplishments and contributions of many extraordinary people. This extraordinary Senior Class of 2012 contributes mightily to making Robinson a Great Good Place for so many. What I have experienced from you is only a small sample of the monumental amount you have given. I have been moved to tears by the force of your voices at Cabaret Night. I have become a fan of your sports while watching the energy and skill with which you play the game. I have been often astounded by your willingness to be self-critical and to strive toward change. I have felt overwhelming pride in learning of the accomplishments, accolades and honors that you have consistently earned as our decorated teams and athletes, our honored clubs and members, our outstanding scholars and our renowned performers.

I have been staggered by the scope and significance of your service when I have attended fundraisers, visited Early Childhood Careers Classes, read your scholarship essays and joined in on Partner’s Club meetings. I have been startled and amazed to remind myself that these are the works of high school students, not seasoned professionals, when I have attended Art Fair, plays and concerts. I have seen your quality as human beings, and as a community of students as I observe your everyday interactions in classrooms and corridors. I hope that you will find a place of respite in your memories of Robinson, and I hope that you will carry much with you that will allow you to make more of the world a Great Good Place. I am confident that you will.

Eric Norland.”