A ‘Super Teacher’ in Room 507

Special education teacher Megan Gaeta was recently awarded the title of ‘Super Teacher.’ The Virginia Lottery recognized the school alumnus alongside seven other state teachers for her dedication in the classroom.

“The Super Teacher award recognized all the hard work we’ve done in the classroom over the past year,” Gaeta said. “It’s great to get the recognition for our students.”

She said, although the award bore her name, she believes her accomplishment was a group effort.

“This award is a team thing; my students have done a lot to help me out this year, as have their parents and the admins,” Gaeta said. “I consider this award a celebration of this team.”

Junior Katie Castellow said her favorite part of this celebration was her appearance on television. Gaeta’s acceptance of the Super Teacher award gained publicity on Channels Four and 21.

“I liked being on the news because everything about it was fun,” Castellow said.

Gaeta said the title of ‘Super Teacher’ will not change her daily work in the classroom. However, she is pleased about the new publicity for her Packaged With Care organization, which allows her students to purchase items to donate to community members in need.

Gaeta said, “The award confirms to me that hard work can pay off, and it’s a nice compliment to receive.”