Episode Ten: From Cellar to Stellar, the Washington Nationals Slide into Success

Host Thomas Friestad is joined by editorials editor Ian Criman to analyze the latest craze stirring up local sports fans: the improbable rise of the Washington Nationals, which has inflicted many spectators with ‘Nattitude’.

In this episode, we discuss:

–How have the Nationals defied fans’ pre-season expectations so far?

–How has the performance of rookie Bryce Harper boosted the team into the stratosphere?

–What potential weaknesses do the Nats face moving forward?

–If the team is performing this well with so many injured players, what can fans expect from the Nats’ future?

It’s a Natscast that is sure to win an MVP (Most Valuable Podcast) award…it’s the Valor Dictus Podcast!

Linked below are three of Bryce Harper’s more memorable moments that wowed us upon a first watch: check them out!

Harper steals home

Harper makes an awe-inspiring catch in deep center field

Harper’s first career homerun