‘How to Succeed’ onstage

For the spring drama production, our school reproduced the popular Broadway musical “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying” with a cast of 55 members and a company of 100 people.

The storyline follows J. Pierrepont Finch on his journey from a window washer to top of the corporate ladder, relying on the advice given from the book “How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying.” Alongside his journey to success, the storyline also follows the love story between Secretary Rosemary and Finch.

“Our J. Pierrepont Finch, Josh Israel, is a perfect match for this part and I’ll put him toe to toe with anyone who has played the part, including Daniel Radcliffe,” director Douglas Rome said. 

Both Rome and senior Kyle Lynch, who plays JB Biggley, said opening night did not meet their expectations, but the second night made up for it.

Rome said there was nothing wrong with the performance of opening night, but the audience’s reaction was the only part that did not satisfy him.  

“We really had a warm audience and that brings up the actors as well,” Rome said. “The audience definitely makes the best show, a best show.”

Even though the audience did not react the way the crew was hoping for the first night, both Lynch and Rome said the following nights brought better performances.

Due to the first act lasting an hour and forty five minutes and the second act taking an hour and ten minutes, the play had many orchestra, band and choreography production numbers. 

Freshman Tami White attended the April 28showing of the play and said, “It was kind of long, but it was good, and I liked the whole comedy and romance behind it.”

The cast and crew rehearsed for four months after school and on their own time. The spring music trip to Orlando was the only interference with rehearsals since the ensemble was performing in the play.

“I was pretty satisfied with [opening night] and I think most people were satisfied with [the play],” Lynch said. “The show has come a long way since we’ve started and it’s been a long ride.”