Conquer the SATs

With SAT season in full swing, students are mentally and physically preparing themselves for their test dates. With the late night cramming comes stress, the sudden craving for Girl Scout cookies and an obnoxious amount of caffeinated drinks for those dreaded all-nighters. Here are a few tips students can follow to conquer the SATs:

1) Breathe. This may be the only test students will take in their educational career that actually matters, but they are not going to get through it by seeing how long they can hold their breath while solving a quadratic equation.

2) Unfortunately, students do not get enough time to spend with their beloved friend, sleep. However, the night before the big test should be one of the rare occasions students should see the back of their eyelids for the appropriate eight hours.

3) Students should study with a group of friends rather than shutting themselves in their bedroom. Play a game of charades with vocab words. It will take the edge off the looming test, and everyone will be studying without even noticing it.

4) If a student needs to munch on something while aimlessly flipping through vocab flashcards, they can try snacking on 100 calorie packs of their favorite snacks rather than a box of Thin Mints those pesky Girl Scouts sold to their parents. Remember, swimsuit season follows close behind SAT testing.

5) Anxiety and stress revolve around the dreadful SAT test date. Students should stand in front of their mirrors and remind themselves of how awesome they are.  Try making plans with friends for after the test so students have something to look forward to.