World Oceans Day brings awareness


An Oceanography student showcases his project about different ocean-related conflicts, which ranged from troubles with the penguins to coral reef awareness.

As a new addition to the Oceanography class this year, a display of projects students in the class completed was held Tuesday, April 24 in Davala Hall. The event displayed various Oceanography-related subjects students chose to do a project on. This project is new to the class and is a way to display students knowledge of Oceanography, as well as their creative skills.

“The show was really fun to do,” senior Jessica Smith said. “I actually think it was really helpful and educational, because when I was doing the research, I was learning all about how Louisiana is disappearing, which was my topic for the show.”

Oceanography students were required to pick a topic relating to Oceanography, and create an interesting, eye-catching project to put on display to exhibit their knowledge of their chosen topic.

“My project was called ‘Losing Louisiana’, and it was about how Louisiana is slowing disappearing because of erosion,” Smith said. “I feel like my experience with World Oceans Day was very positive; it gave me a chance to interact with the school on a personal level about a topic that I was passionate about.”

Oceanography teacher Kristen Marker said, in previous years, there have been no major projects given to students in Oceanography, as there are in other science classes.

“Science is all about doing, and I wanted to give my oceanography students something to do,” Marker said. “The World Oceans Day display was a tremendous success; many students and faculty came up to me afterwards and told me how great they thought it was, so I’m really glad with the way it turned out.”