‘Lorax’ offers new ideas


On March 2, Illumination Studios brought Dr. Seuss’ creative and colorful story, “The Lorax” to life, giving viewers a new look on the importance of protecting the world we live in.

Dr. Seuss books always have an underlying message in them. In the Lorax,he tells the story about stopping deforestation which is portrayed through a forest guardian, the Lorax(Danny DeVito), who speaks for the Truffula Trees. The trees symbolize the beauty in nature and how nature should be preserved. The trees were the home to multiple animals and they also provided fresh air for everybody. Seuss’ message was clear to children and adults as well as showing his determination to fight for the preservation of nature.

The movie starts out with a boy named Ted Wiggins (Zac Effron) who is in love with this girl named Audrey (Taylor Swift). Audrey is in love with Truffula Trees and tells Ted that she would do anything to own a Truffula Tree. On the back of her house she paints a picture of the trees and tells Ted all about how they used to grow all around their town. After their talk Ted goes to find the Once-ler (Ed Helms) in order to get a Truffula Tree and then the Once-ler goes on to tell Ted about how he chopped down the Truffula Trees and ruined the environment.

Throughout the entire film there are multiple musical numbers that appeal to children of all ages as well as adults. Each of the musical numbers have an underlying meaning about the environment and how either the Once-ler does not believe he is doing anything wrong but then towards the end how Truffula Trees are better for the environment than plastic trees.

The movie’s quality was stunning and breathe taking, it makes the scene where the Once-ler is in the forest with all of the animals come to life. It takes teenagers and adults back to their childhood when they read the book and make the story seem more alive.

Although the Director (Chris Renaud) added in a scene that was not in the book it contributed to the underlying message that Seuss had set out to show when he wrote the book.

Destroying nature is wrong and while watching “The Lorax” many viewers found that out, even if they already knew about it. “The Lorax” is all about spreading awareness about if society keeps progressing the way it is now, there will be no more trees and the beauty in nature will be gone.

Seeing the Lorax come to life on the big screen had tugged at the heart strings of multiple viewers, as well as making viewers better aware of the dangers that come with destroying nature.