"DFTBA": Organization dedicated to reducing 'world suck' through charity work'

Commercials airing on GMR last month about the DFTBA club at our school have spawned questions about what DFTBA is. It stands for “don’t forget to be awesome” and little does most of the school know but the organization, which focuses on reducing “world suck” through charity work, is bigger than the school community.

John Green and his brother, Hank, created the charity organization through their popular YouTube project, “Brotherhood 2.0.” When John and Hank swore off textual communications in 2007, they decided to video blog or “vlog” to stay in contact thus forming the “vlogbrothers.” John posts a video to Hank who then replies with a new topic to John. What started as a form of communication turned into much more.

Members of the DFTBA community, or Nerdfighteria, are referred to as Nerdfighters, or in other words, people who are not afraid to flaunt their nerdiness while working for a cause.

Sophomore Monica Goodwin said a Nerdfighter is “someone who is unashamed of being a nerd and embraces it.”

Senior Dinma Onyekwere online casinos australia and junior Devon DeYoung co-founded the club after talking one day about DFTBA and wondering if there were any Nerdfighters hiding in our school.

They wanted to create a club where people could, as freshman Dasha Savina said, “Make a better world with the power of nerdiness.”

The Robinson club focuses on charity work and service projects. Currently, they are working on creating a book donation to spread the power of reading. They also were responsible for the post-it notes with inspirational quotes which were scattered around the school. In the future, they hope to set up a poetry slam.

Onyekwere said she likes DFTBA club because, “You’re not just the weird girl in back of the classroom” but with people who understand the love for “Doctor Who,” “Charlieissocoollike,” and all things John and Hank Green.

Nerdfighters get involved through John Green’s award-winning novels including “Looking for Alaska” and “The Fault in Our Stars.” The brothers helped found DFTBA records, which helps aspiring YouTube musicians get their start.

If you want to be a Nerdfighter, you are a Nerdfighter; just watch the “How to be a Nerdfighter” vlog on YouTube to find out more.

Goodwin said, “You can be a weirdo and no one judges you.”

Remember, don’t forget to be awesome.