King’s Dominion Law needlessly hinders high-achieving students

While King’s Dominion itself provides a thrilling experience, the law it keeps in existence creates unnecessary obstacles for test-taking students.

 The King’s Dominion Law requires all FCPS schools open after Labor Day, which serves to keep the number of visitors to the theme park high during the holiday.

Without the law, schools would be free to start school before or after Labor Day, which impacts how early summer begins.

 At the end of January, the Virginia Senate voted nine to six to turn down three bills in favor of repealing the Law.

Although, according to a Washington Post article, there are still approximately a dozen bills supporting its removal, the Senate would have to approve them before they could be passed, which appears unlikely. This is unfortunate, considering an earlier start to the year could benefit students, especially those studying for major exams.

  Starting the year slightly earlier in late August gives students more time to prepare for grueling tests such as grueling IB exams and SOL tests. The exams are always taken around May, so an earlier start to the year provides several weeks longer to cram in material.

 Although students may complain about having less summer vacation time, this is a misconstrued mentality, considering an earlier start leads to an earlier end to the year as well.

Starting summer near the beginning of June contains the additional benefit of aligning with the last days of most other schools in the nation.

The primary reason the King’s Dominion Law still exists is because its titular park benefits from students who pay to visit during their last week of summer. Prioritizing the law, which serves a business, over student education is not only selfish, but completely unnecessary.

Because the length of summer vacation will not change in the law’s absence, King’s Dominion makes an identical amount of money over a slightly earlier time frame. That senators have been unable to see this in the past is absolutely appalling.

 As college admissions become more and more competitive, it is more important now than ever for students to squeeze as much as they can out of every test.

While repealing the King’s Dominion Law may have little effect on the park, it can make a big difference for studious youth.

A stellar IB grade will surely satisfy students as much as a ride on the Dominator.