Fernandez off to help from the start

Counselor Enrique Fernandez has recently made a move from Marshall High School to work at our school. This is his first year being a counselor, although he previously worked as an intern at Marshall. Now fully transitioned into his new job, everything ready, all of his supplies such as, laptops, schedules and meeting dates.

“I came here from Marshall High School, and as soon as I walked into the building, I was amazed at how big it was compared to Marshall,” Fernandez said.

Given that there was a job opening at our school, Fernandez said he decided to work here because he would be able to interact with more students than he could at Marshall. He said changing jobs when he did was smart, because it is tough to find a job in the middle of the school year.

“I wanted to become a counselor because I enjoy working, interacting with and helping out students,” Fernandez said. “It is also a good learning experience.”

It did not take long for students to seek Fernandez’s assistance. On his first day here, a few students asked him to help out with the Latin American Student Association. Fernandez said he was delighted to aid the club, as he is Latin American himself.

“I think he is very efficient and always sends out emails about the schedules and to get back t him if we had any questions,” said junior Gwen Dolin.

Fernandez said he would like to continue his career here because, through doing so, he will be able to get to know his sophomores and juniors a little better. He said he is also familiar with this county, so he knows where everything is.

“He is a graduate from George Mason. I have seen him work well with the students and does a great job at it. Also since he is younger he can better relate to the students more,” counselor Jim Carter said.

Fernandez had a few reactions when he first came to this school but one of them was how he was going to interact with all the students since this is such a big school and he had came from a school that was the smallest in the county.

“He seems pretty chill and the girls think he’s really hot,” sophomore Tyler Beacon said.