Student scientists make advancements

The science fair was held Feb. 8 and Feb. 9 in the cafeteria at our school. It was open to all grades, allowing a large number of students the chance to participate.

The judging took place on Feb. 17, and the awards were held on Feb. 18.

Science fair coordinator Steve Bartlett said, “Science fair is my favorite time of year; it is so much fun to do, and to see what all my students, and other students, come up with.”

Bartlett said the science fair was a way for students outlet their scientific creativity in a productive way.

The science fair was judged on a 35 point rubric; only the first two winners of the science fair move on to the next level of the competition, Bartlett said. Neema Laheri  and Yashu Sampathkumar created one of the two winning projects.

“The standards for being able to win the science fair are that the project must have followed the scientific method, and you must be able to explain the project,” Bartlett said.

Only two pairs were successful enough to move on to the regional competition. The two groups that are moving on went above and beyond in their work. Their next competition date has yet to be determined.

“Yashu and I actually went all the way to the UMBC Organic Chemistry lab and used all the high tech science materials there,” junior Neema Laheri said.

Some participants scored higher than they had originally expected to place.

 “I think it was a really good experience; my partner and I learned a lot about the science fair process and also proteins,” Laheri said. “I would definitely do it again.”