Liberty Tax exercises freedom to wave

As the dull winter comes to an end, cheerful wavers dressed in Statue of Liberty have now begun t warm the spreading their cheer around different locations around Fairfax and Burke.  While driving through Fairfax Station, near Gold’s gym, one can often see the wavers smiling at the passerby while jumping or doing something distracting but funny.

These wavers work for the Liberty Tax, which is located in Fairfax Station. Every year many people go there to file their taxes.  Many people also come there after they see the waiver.

“Their job is to go out there, be energetic and friendly and make eye contact with people driving,” Chuck Stout, manager of the Liberty Tax. “We give rewards if someone drops by and says “I saw the waver and came in,” Stout said.

Robinson graduate Cody Williams is also working out in the roads although he has been working as a waiver for the last three weeks, said he, he had gained a lot of experience.

 While remembering one of his awkward moments during his job he said, “One day the landlord came by and I didn’t know he was the landlord. We had two flags outside the store and we had held put them in the buckets. Apparently we were not allowed to have anything at the sidewalk. He gave a nasty look and threw the flag at the ground.”

While trying to get people’s attention, William said he usually jumps and waves his board. “Sometimes they smile or wave back and sometimes they even honk. One time this guy flicked me off.”

Peter Patchan has also been working in Liberty tax since last three weeks. “I like making people happy and I wanted a job that didn’t make me sit in a table so I started this job.” Patchan said that sometimes he also plays music while he is working to get his energy back. 

While working as a waver can seem quite intimidating, it also has his positive aspects since one can work independently for their shift and be who they are.