Episode Four, Part One: Giants, Patriots and Commercials, Oh My!

Host Thomas Friestad is joined by staff writers Ian Criman and Nick Runkel to preview the upcoming Super Bowl showdown between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots in a party podcast you won’t want to fumble. In fact, we had so much to talk about, the massive file had to be divided into two parts for valordictuspodcast.podbean.com to accept it!

In this episode, we discuss:

–What pros and cons do the Giants and Patriots have going for and against them?

–What ‘X-Factors’ might come into play that the teams might have to adapt to on the fly?

–Which teams are we picking to win, and why?

–Which player from our predicted winners will take home the ‘Team On His Back’ Award?

It’s a Super Bowlcast so super, Edna Mode would design a suit for it…it’s the Valor Dictus Podcast!