“Wait, who’s your dad again?”


A walk in Mary or Joe Meier’s shoes involves more than may meet the eye. Being the children of Principal Dan Meier creates a unique school environment for the two siblings.

Students have asked Mary and senior Joe Meier many times how it feels having their dad as the school principal.

“People will come up to me and ask, ‘isn’t it weird being the principal’s daughter?,’” junior Mary Meier said. “It just gets old, but I always answer in a positive way.”

Since Dan Meier is able to see his kids all day at school, he said he is a convenient source when to his children needing money or his signature on a form. Both Mary and Joe said they love having their dad as a principal because he is fun to talk to and they love seeing the family around school.

“I treat my children the same as I would if they were at school. All the students here are like one of my own,” Dan Meier said. “When I was offered this job, I sat down with my family and told them I would only accept this job if my children agreed to come to this school.”

Dan Meier said his job takes up much of his time with meetings and to attend late nights to work at the school, that he would rarely be able to see his children if they attended a different school. However, by serving as principal at his children’s school, he can be a father and a principal at the same time.

Dan Meier said there are a few drawbacks to being the principal’s children because other students and teachers expect them to behave and achieve high grades. In addition, if they do get good grades, or make a sports team, then people might think it is only because they are the principal’s children.

“It’s like I’m put under a microscope, just one little mistake would be blown out of proportion,” Joe Meier said.