Episode Three: Paterno’s Passing, Somalia Shenanigans and Demi Moore


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Host Thomas Friestad is joined by staff writer Ian Criman to cover three current events stirring up conversation around water coolers everywhere: Joe Paterno’s death, Navy SEAL Team Six’s rescue of two captives from Somalian pirates, and the hospitalization of actress Demi Moore after inhaling whip-its.

In this episode, we discuss:

–Will the Sandusky incident taint Paterno’s legacy?
–Was Obama’s timing of the Americans’ rescue from pirates meant as a political ploy?
–Is substance abuse, such Demi Moore’s use of whip-its to cure exhaustion, ever an acceptable form of relief?

It’s a current eventcast that’s healthily addicting, as long as it’s not inhaled…it’s the Valor Dictus Podcast!