Early releases and delays, take school stress away

This year, the administration decided to cut three hours from the start or end of one school day each month. This change has proven beneficial to both the students and faculty, especially as the busy second semester approaches.

Last year, when teachers’ collaboration periods took place during busy RAISE time, students were often left missing out on the help they needed. Meanwhile, teachers were left cramming these meetings into tiny forty minute blocks.

However, this year’s new delay policy is nothing short of sweet relief for everyone. It offers teachers much more time to collaborate while also giving students three extra hours to catch up on some much-needed sleep.

Principal Dan Meier said the administration decided to implement this change after they received complaints from students. Many were unhappy they had less time to interact with their teachers during RAISE, and therefore, received less help on assignments. The delay policy has remedied this problem, and its effectiveness will only become more noticeable as the year progresses.

While helpful for students lacking sleep, the school’s policy also steers clear of interrupting curriculums too extensively. The administration has strategically planned delays and early releases to avoid losing too much school time. For example, the next will coincide with the date that the State wrestling tournament takes place at the school Feb. 17.

As with RAISE itself, the school has implemented a great new policy students and teachers alike enjoy. A hearty congratulation is overdue to the perpetually underrated administrators behind the delays.