A winter formal dance could be planned if students expressed interest

In years past, before any current student became a part of the community, the SGA hosted a winter dance in late January. The dance was comparable to the one held during homecoming week, albeit with a minor change: the girls would traditionally ask the guys to accompany them, rather than vice versa.

Despite the thrilling possibilities this dance had, Principal Dan Meier said students lost interest in the activity, resulting in the SGA’s idea devolving into a lackluster experience through no fault of its own. However, now that the school is home to an entirely new body of students, the SGA should reboot this idea, while throwing in more of their creative flair.

The dance would offer students a rare chance to free their minds from the hardships of the second quarter and unwind on the field house floor. As of now, homecoming is the only opportunity for students to dress up in formal attire and, in a seemingly twisted turn of events, have fun at school on a weekend. While seniors do obtain the privilege of prom with their grade level, the return of the winter dance would allow everyone a chance to take part in the fun.

Reviving the dance would also give the SGA a perfect opportunity to, once again, showcase their creativity. During homecoming week, the organization did a superb job transforming the field house into an urban paradise reminiscent of New York City. Its students could easily take the same approach for a winter dance, creating paper snowflakes to display around the room or cardboard penguins to show off their happy feet alongside the dancers. The wonder of the winter land could be preserved at the dance, even over a month after Christmas ends.

To top it all off, a winter dance would not be expensive in the slightest. Its cost would be minimal and easy to pay off with the money ticket purchases brought in. Despite previous disinterest, a whole new crowd of students now patrols the hallways, possibly ready to embrace the chance to revisit an old tradition. The cards are all in place for an excellent end to the quarter, if the higher-ups at the school are willing to embrace this chance as well.