In Review Crossword


In Review Crossword in Entertainment Section

3. Name of one of the record stores in this month’s “Hear Me Out”
5. Warm and fuzzy fashion piece perfect for chilly winter days
8. Leads the “Ponzi” scheme that is the plot of “Tower Heist”
9. The name of Ms. Vessels dog
11. Half dog, half person known for having nice abs

1. Name of the comedic actor starring in “Tower Heist”
2. Name of this month’s hip concert for country-lovers
4. Vampire who can read minds
6. Rudolph the red-nosed ________ is fashionable for you clothes this season
7. The old style records which you can find at
10. Our local teacher author
11. Name of the popular country radio station

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The verison of this crossword appeared in the December 1, 2011 print edition on page 13.