ROTC packages items to send to soldiers

Creating care packages for U.S. marines overseas may appear to be a light-hearted service activity, but when their recipients receive them after eating one meal a day for long periods of time, participation in the project becomes a powerful act of kindness.

This is the third year the school air force has assembled care packages for active soldiers. Junior Gaby Carcamo said the marines receiving the supplies are grateful for students’ contributions, because their supplies are meager otherwise. “The food they have to eat sucks,” Carcamo said. “Every year, we pack up Oreos, cookies, Kool-Aid and shaving cream. These are sent to our sponsor, who finally sends it to the marines.”

Senior Duncan Anderson said he has created care packages since he was young. “It feels good to complete an activity that does something for someone,” Anderson said.

Carcamo said middle school students occasionally write letters to mail overseas inside care packages. She said she believes these letters provide effective motivation for soldiers. “I would be happy to even get a random letter thanking me when I am serving somewhere,” Carcamo said. “It would give me a reason to keep fighting.”