Clifton recording studio opens

NOVA Music Center, located on Chapel Rd. in Clifton, is now home to the sounds of aspiring musicians, after it recently opened a recording studio.

Manager Lisa Wagner said it had always been owner Enrich RussekRobbins’ dream to have a recording studio. He had one in his home, but in July, the music center changed its location to Clifton. Since the space permitted, the equipment was transferred over to the store and a studio was opened Aug. 1.

The studio gives musicians the opportunity to use an affordable space for recording multi-track projects with professional equipment and leave with a CD.

The cost to rent a studio for a student is $14.

RussekRobbins said the studio is meant for musicians to play around with the programs and equipment and not feel pressured like someone would in a costy recording studio.

The idea is to have the musician do everything for themselves and RussekRobbins said he would provide assistance if the person requests for it.

Adults and younger children have recorded in the studio but RussekRobbins is surprised students have not taken an advantage to record in a non expensive studio. He said some students have come in with their parents and discussed using the studio but so far there has not been any follow through.

RussekRobbins said he would like to see students follow through on their proposal and take an advantage of the studio.