The Art of Julia Kindle

This is Julie Kindle. A senior at Robinson, she is invested in her future as a professional artist.

Julia Kindle is an aspiring artist in the Robinson community. She has enjoyed creating art for most of her life and is now taking that passion to its fullest.

During school in art courses, Kindle creates art in all sorts of mediums from acrylic to clay. in her downtime, she enjoys mainly digital art for all the options it gives. When away from the computer Kindle often uses pencil and paper because for its simplicity and portability.

All mediums of art have pros and cons, not any piece can be made with any medium. This has lead Kindle to look into other forms of art including watercolor paintings for their brilliant colors and style. In the past, she has only done one piece of artwork using watercolors, which became one of her favorite pieces.

Also among her favorites was a political cartoon she did that won her a National Silver Medal for Scholastic Art and Writing Award. For her artwork, she has also received Gold Key and Silver Key regional awards.

However, picking an artwork to be a favorite is not common. When learning to create art, in her experiences talent in art that someone has is always getting better. So while a piece could be a favorite for a few months after a while it won’t hold up to more current works.

Looking towards the future there is a lot that Kindle has planned. Aside from gradually improving her skill in the arts and delving into watercolor, Kindle would like to attend Virginia Tech for college. She was originally considering going to art school to pursue digital art but choose against that.

After college, she plans to go into graphic design to put her skills in digital art to use. Kindle is thankful for her time in the Robinson arts program and regards it as one of the best. At Robinson, there are specialized art courses such as animation rather than only a blanket course of art.